CPSC Quarterly June 2011


GB News

  1. 91st GB Meeting Convened
  2. CPSC GB elects new Chair, Vice Chair
  3. CPSC welcomes 10th Director General


  1. Acceptance Speech of Dr. Mohammad Naim Yaakub CPSC Director General
  2. Brief Profile
  3. New DG’s vision for CPSC


In-Country Program

  1. PPCP in TVET focal theme in CPSC-CTEVT's joint program in Nepal
  2. CPSC, MOLHR hold program on TQM for TVET in Bhutan
  3. CPSC, DPE conduct In-Country Program on Training Needs Analysis in Malaysia
  4. CPSC holds CBT program in Maldives
  5. CPSC program shares latest trends on LMS in Fiji
  6. CPSC, TESDA hold joint ICP on R&D in TVET in Philippines


  1. Bangladesh Planning Ministry taps CPSC for M&E program


  1. CPSC, TESDA train Champion Leaders for poverty alleviation in Philippines Year Ender 2010-2011

APACC Update

  1. APACC visits PPSAT, Palawan

Development and TVET Across the World

Faculty and Staff News

  1. Meet CPSC's new Staff & Intern
  2. CPSC faculty, staff keep spirit of teamwork