CPSC Quarterly February 2013


GB News

  1. CPSC DG Participates in 43rd CCM, Manado, Indonesia
  2. DG Pays Courtesy Visit to New GB Member
  3. Provident Fund Management Committee Meets
  4. CPSC GB Conducts Standing Committee Meeting
  5. Singapore Ambassador Hirubalan V.P. Visits CPSC


  1. CPSC Renews MOU with RMUTT
  2. CPSC and CHMSC Sign MOU
  3. CPSC Signs MOU with Instructors Training Centre (ITC)
  4. CPSC Gears up for 2018, Holds Regional Program
  5. CPSC Attends Investiture of New CHMSC President; Launches Green CHMSC Movement
  6. CPSC DG Attends Toyota's Groundbreaking Ceremony
  7. CPSC Director General Participates in 1st National TESD Congress, Philippines


Regional Programs

  1. CPSC, ITE, MFA Singapore Conduct Joint Training Program for Principals and Government Officials

In-Country Programs

  1. CPSC Program on TQM in TVET held in Mongolia
  2. Eff ective Curriculum Development for Technical Education Discussed at CPSC Program in Myanmar
  3. Bhutan's Minister Shows Support to CPSC program on Training Course Design and Development
  4. CPSC, TESDA Philippines Team up for LMIS Program in TVET Policy Development
  5. CPSC Conducts an In-Country Program on Training Needs Analysis in UNIVOTEC Sri Lanka
  6. CPSC and NITTTR Chennai Jointly Holds Program on Web-based Teaching and Learning System in India

International Seminars

  1. 103 Polytechnic and Community College Directors
  2. 70 Planning Offi cers and Technical Staff Attend CPSC-TESDA
  3. 102 Participants Attend CPSC-NITTR’s International Seminar

SDPA Programs

  1. CPSC holds Regional Consultation Workshop for Midterm Review on Skills Development for Poverty Alleviation Project
  2. CPSC's Special In-Country Program on SDPA held in Malaysia

Customized Programs

  1. CPSC Commences Customized Program for Thailand

APACC Update

  1. More TESDA-TVET Institutions Accredited by APACC
  2. APACC Conducts On-Site Visits to Three TVET Institutions

Faculty and Staff News

  1. CPSC sends donations to typhoon victims
  2. CPSC Bids Farewell to Bangladeshi Faculty
  3. CPSC Bids Fond Farewell to Staff
  4. CPSC Welcomes new faculty, staff, interns
  5. Adieu to One of the Pillars of CPSC: Mam TJ