CPSC Quarterly March 2014


From the Director General's Desk

GB News

  1. CPSC GB Convenes 96th Meeting
  2. Welcome to New CPSC Governing Board Member for India
  3. Colombo Plan Secretariat Selects New Secretary General


  1. CPSC DG Shares Expertise During MySkill Workshop, Malaysia
  2. Kingdom of Cambodia Eyes Membership to CPSC
  3. CPSC Signs MOU with RMUTL Thailand
  4. CPSC Launches STEPS OJS
  5. Colombo Plan Acting Secretary General Visits CPSC
  6. CPSC Welcomes Benchmarking Activity of CHMSC on CPSC’s Innovative Blended Learning System


Regional Program

  1. CPSC–Singapore Joint Training Programme Focused on TVET Program for Principals and Leaders

In-Country Program

  1. CPSC Promotes Development through In-Country Program, National Seminar in Nepal
  2. CPSC, Maldives Intensify Ties, Holds ICP on Competency-Based Education and Training (CBE&T)

Customized Program

  1. CPSC, Korea Tech Kick Off Year 2014 with 7th Special Internship Programy
  2. CPSC, RMUTT Hold English Training Cum Staff Exchange Program

National/International Seminars

  1. 65 Maldivian TVET Professionals Participate in National Seminar on Competency Based Education and Training

Special Feature: CPSC Industry Partner

  1. CPSC Features Hytec Power Inc


  1. APACC Continues to Expand Pool of Certified APACC Accreditors, Conducts APACC International Accreditors Training
  2. Malaysia Newest Country to Seek APACC Accreditation, 3 Premier Polytechnics Apply for APACC
  3. PPSAT Palawan Strives for Higher Level Accreditation, Revisited by APACC


  1. CPSC Hosts Visit of Politeknik Ungku Omar (PUO), Malaysia
  2. POLISAS Staff Visits CPSC