CPSC Quarterly March 2015


From the Director General’s Desk

  1. CPSC Convenes 98th Governing Board (GB) Meeting
  2. Announcement of Requirement for Director General of CPSC
  3. CPSC Bids Fond Farewell to CPSC Governing Board Members


  1. CPSC Director General Meets Malaysia Minister of Education II
  2. Director General Showcases CPSC’s Initiatives to CIAST
  3. CPSC DG’s Missions in Malaysia Constitute Talks with Education Ministry, Research Interview with University Putra Malaysia
  4. CPSC DG Promotes APACC in Dep’t of Community College Education, Education Ministry, Malaysia
  5. CPSC DG Pays Visit to ChargĂ© d’affaires of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  6. 25th Internal Quality Audit Highlights Continual Improvements


Regional Program

  1. CPSC Promotes Technician Training on Automotive and Hybrid Technology, Collaborates with CIAST, MTCP, MFA for RP Malaysia

In-Country Program

  1. CPSC In-Country Program on Developing Monitoring and Evaluation Tools in TVET Trains Nepalese Administrators
  2. In-Country Program-India Tackles Blue Ocean Strategy for TVET; National Seminar Discusses Issues, Directions in TVET Sector
  3. ICP Myanmar Tackles Strategic Planning of TVET Institutions in Myanmar

Special Program

  1. CPSC Holds Language Enhancement Program in RMUTT, Renews ties through MOU Signing


  1. Department of Polytechnic Education, Malaysia Briefs APACC Team on Malaysian Polytechnic Education System.
  2. Onsite Visit to POLISAS Jumpstarts Second Round of APACC Activities in Malaysia
  3. PSAS Undergoes APACC Institutional Review as Part of 2nd Cycle of Onsite Visits in Malaysia
  4. Second Cycle of APACC Onsite Visits in Malaysia Continues with PSP.
  5. APACC Carries On with Quality Drive, Visits Politeknik Kota Bharu, Malaysia