CPSC Quarterly June 2016


GB News

  1. CPSC GB convenes 101st Meeting, selects 11th Director General
  2. Standing Committee Tackles CPSC’s Operational Plan and Budget FY2016-2017


  1. Acting DG at the 288th Colombo Plan Council Meeting
  2. 3-Year Recertification Marks CPSC’s15th Year as ISO-Certified Org
  3. CPSC Acting DG Meets Singapore Officials on Future Cooperation
  4. CPSC Awards Plaque of Recognition to Malaysia DPE Director General
  5. Acting DG Attends 4th National Training Providers Forum in Bhutan


Special/International Conference

  1. 3rd Joint CPSC-PACUIT-TUP Conference Gathers 320 Industrial Technology Advocates in Philippines
  2. International Conference in Brunei Emphasizes TVET’s Impact for Sustainable Development


  1. Nepal's Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training Taps CPSC for a Study Tour in Manila
  2. CPSC Facilitates Study Tour, Benchmarking of University Senior Officials from Sri Lanka
  3. Bhutanese TVET Officials Embark on a Study Tour in Philippines


  1. Public, Private TVET Colleges in Thailand Participate in OVEC’s APACC Workshop
  2. APACC, OVEC Meet for First Phase of APACC Accreditation in Thailand