CPSC Quarterly December 2016


GB News

  1. Royal Thai Ambassador Presides Standing Committee Meeting


  1. Current, Former CPSC DGs Meet in UNEVOC
  2. CPSC Participates in the International TVET Conference in Pakistan
  3. CPSC, IDEB Officials Meet in Dhaka to Discuss Opportunities for Future Collaboration
  4. CPSC Makes Global Presence, DG Joins UNESCO-CEDEFOP Global Skills Conference in Paris
  5. Ambassadors, International Guests Grace CPSC's 43rd Anniversary Dinner
  6. Developing Ties and Visits



  1. In-Country Program Bhutan Tackles TVET Pathways to Sustainable Development
  2. Promoting Research and Development Culture in Nepal's TVET Systems Tackled at CPSC's ICP
  3. ICP Thailand Aims to Promote Technopreneurial Skills Development
  4. CPSC Conducts Program on Industry-Academic Collaboration and Partnership in Bangladesh


  1. CPSC, UNEVOC Gather 20 Countries for Special International Program on Improving Quality of Teacher Training and Learning through ICT


  1. CPSC-GIFTS-PKNU Joint Special Training Program on Institutional Finance, Asset Management Set Off for UIN, Indonesia
  2. CPSC, PKNU Conduct Joint Special Oversea Training Program for IAIN, Indonesia
  3. UIN Raden Fatah, Indonesia Visits Indian Institutions on ICT in Education


  1. APACC Welcomes Visit of Delegation from San Francisco Institute of Science and Technology
  2. APACC Conducts Onsite Visit to Politeknik Port Dickson, Malaysia
  3. Second APACC Accreditees Association (AAA) Meeting Held in Malaysia